Prólogo · Prologue

When was the last time someone made you feel alive?

Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with discovering what brings people to life: What makes them tick? What do they look forward to every morning, before the sun comes up? What’s that subject, that person, that idea or hope or fear that causes them to suddenly draw in their breath, their eyes to widen, their cheeks to flush? When will they lower their voice and name what they will only name in the dark, when the rest of the world falls away?

Is it bold of me to wish that I could be that for you?

I am a woman of paradox: a bright, cheerful ingénue with a sultry, seductive side simmering underneath; a passionate scientist who studies life and death, and an inquisitive dreamer determined to live life to the fullest. Forever insatiable, I enjoy the deliciousness of meeting old and new lovers and exploring the various aspects of our personalities—the sunny, the sublime, the mysterious and half-shadowed. I strive to be your respite, your oasis, and your release from the façade and trappings of mundane daily life. My greatest delight after an unhurried, blissful afternoon of unwrapping and exploration with you is the sacred art of putting everything back together again, easing you back to the world outside, a world made more beautiful by the time we've spent in each other's arms. Lingering in your thoughts is the excitement and anticipation for when I will see you next, waiting to return and discover each other anew.

"Estar contigo o no estar contigo es la medida de mi tiempo."

"Being with you and not being with you is the only way I have to measure time."


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I'm Diana Luna, a Latina GFE escort based in San Francisco. I'm bilingual and fluent in spanish. I'm available for hourly dates, dinner dates, overnights, weekends, local, and international travel. I am kink-friendly as a submissive and open-minded. I'm available in San Francisco, East Bay, SF, Emeryville, Oakland, Berkeley, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.