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“She had that rare virtue of never existing completely except for that opportune moment.”


My mode de vie can be described as being as open-hearted as possible– I love relishing simple pleasures. Fresh lavender, the first lines of a new book, a random act of kindness, the rush of heat from a lover...those are the tipping points to otherwise ordinary days that turn intimate and joyful. How can we extend those moments, relish them, and capture them for later? And what small moments will we enjoy together?


Perhaps we’ll find ourselves hiking in the fog-covered mountains of Northern California and San Francisco, discovering that we too are untranslatable, sounding our barbaric yawps over the roofs of the world as Walt Whitman once did. Maybe we’ll spin the night away to blues and swing, breathless and dizzy, but refusing to stop dancing and let such gorgeous music go to waste. In other moments over a deliciously inventive meal and libations that would inspire poetry, we may feel as if we were discovering each other for the first time, eyes glancing at one another in a hushed intimacy that feels too naked for such a public setting. Or, simply, we find ourselves nestled luxuriously in bed, eyes fluttering open with the first rays of the sun, excited for a morning of crosswords and cappuccinos and a day full of wonder and endless possibilities.


In whatever way we decide to meet, I hope to build memories with you and discover that the world is something delicious to be explored. Let us careen unabashedly towards the life and memories we want to build. Let’s embody the true art of conservationism and leave each other better, more refreshed, more excited, and more in love than when we started.


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I'm Diana Luna, a Latina GFE escort based in San Francisco. I'm bilingual and fluent in spanish. I'm available for hourly dates, dinner dates, overnights, weekends, local, and international travel. I am kink-friendly as a submissive and open-minded. I'm available in San Francisco, East Bay, SF, Emeryville, Oakland, Berkeley, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.