How I am navigating the seductive arts in a post-COVID world.


I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, but I’ve honestly been struggling with how to verbalize my thoughts. COVID-19 has indelibly changed life as we know it, and a lot of folks are struggling with how to cope and return to a life that is somewhat normal. Many look forward to being able to earn an income again, meet friends after work, or meet their favorite companions. As California moves towards slowly opening back up, I am also considering how to handle dates with new and old friends. Read below for how I plan to go forward with dates during the time of COVID-19.



I’m limiting my availability for in-person dates for my safety as well as yours. Currently, I plan on seeing clients with a 10-day buffer before and after to monitor my health and ensure that I do not infect others if I am sick. I request a 4-hour minimum for bookings, and I will also ask that you answer an intake assessment before we meet. Handwashing, showering, and temperature taken upon arrival are also a few of the (non-negotiable) precautions I plan to take during dates, among others.


Monitor your symptoms: If you’ve been experiencing any symptoms of COVID, even if you don’t think it is, please don’t book with me. If you’ve already booked, please reach out and reschedule – I have relaxed my cancellation policies for this exact purpose. If you show up to our date with symptoms, I’ll take that as a deliberate disregard of my boundaries and health and send you home without a refund.


Travel outside of San Francisco: I love all my clients throughout the Bay Area, and I am happy to see you if you drive privately to my incall location. Because travel increases overall risk of COVID exposure, if you want me to drive to you, I ask for a 20% deposit and a $100 travel fee to our date.


Strict health standards: To keep both of us safe, I’m holding myself to strict personal habits. I’ve been self-isolating since the start of the Bay Area lockdown, only leaving the house for groceries and the occasional late-night walk or errand to the bank. I always wear a mask and gloves when I’m out, and I continue to practice social distancing. Even after low-risk businesses open, I don’t plan on visiting them unless absolutely necessary.



For those wanting to connect while maintaining a more conservative social distance, I have (quite proudly) curated a diversity of socially distant activities that I’d be delighted to enjoy with you. You can find them here.



I’ve deeply missed clients who have touched my life for the better, and I have experienced the gamut of sadness and frustration and anger at how this is our new normal. However, I look forward to figuring out how we can create space for joyful, sweet, and meaningful time together. I hope that when we meet, in whatever capacity we do, we can leave feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle life’s challenges.

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