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"We're all curious about what might hurt us."


Why Diana Luna?

As a child, I had an enduring obsession with ancient religions that has persisted into adulthood (Greek, Mayan, and Mesopotamian being some of my favorites). With my affinity for nature, moonlight, and strong femininity, the goddess Diana is somewhat of a kindred spirit to me.

But there's no need to worry—I promise I won’t transform you into a deer.

Where in the world are you?

I’m based in San Francisco, but work and personal endeavors take me all over the Bay Area. It can be a bit hard to pinpoint where I might be on any given day! I have a soft spot for hipster coffeeshops in the East Bay, Napa’s gorgeous wineries, and the Silicon Valley tech scene. For love affairs, I’m available in San Francisco, East Bay (Berkeley & Oakland), and the Peninsula. Areas outside my reach (Napa, inner East Bay, Santa Cruz, Sacramento) may require a bit more magic and preparation—please email me to inquire further.


If you’d like me to jetset with you (in the US or internationally), I’d be thrilled! Travel is one of my all-time favorite activities with lovers and friends. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for details about my travel rates (favorite cities include Barcelona, New York City, and London).​

Are you available today?

Unfortunately, I tend to overbook myself (a habit I’m trying to break, I promise), and I would rather not have the undue stress of engineering my schedule to fit a last-minute booking. Thus, I’m only available for spontaneous requests from old friends. If you’d like to see me, please budget 24 hours in advance for thorough screening and for me to make sure my schedule is open for an uninterrupted meeting.

Can you send me a photo or selfie of you? Can I record you?

 The cornerstone of my life as Diana is discretion - I hold the safety and identities of my suitors close to my heart, and do all that I can to ensure that our time together is a beloved and well-kept secret. My personality is such that any confidential information that I know about a person always stays confidential. With that in mind, I expect the same level of protection from those I see, and I ask that you do not take photos or recordings during our time together, nor will I provide unblurred photos.

If you would like to see photos of me, you can peruse my gallery here

What’s your ethnic background? Where are you from?

I was born and raised in New York City, but my time in California has (sadly) displaced my Brooklynite accent.

In terms of ethnic background, I am very much Colombian in language, culture, and identity. Those who want to bond over Colombian food and music, or who simply want to practice their Spanish ~ please reach out, I'd love to hear from you!

Do you have any preferences for food or drink?

I eat anything and everything! I tend towards vegetarian/vegan options when cooking or eating out on my own (partially for health reasons, partially for environmental reasons), but I am always excited to try new cuisines and foods with suitors.


Because of a lifetime of conservative religious upbringing, I am woefully illiterate when it comes to alcohol. In my limited experience, I have enjoyed dry Rieslings, sweet apple cocktails, and sour beers. If you have a drink that you particularly love or think I’d enjoy, I’d love to try it with you!

Can you provide me a reference?

Of course! I’d love to help, as long as we’ve seen each other recently (within the last 6 months or year, depending on the companion’s requirements). Please shoot me an email when you list me, and I’ll keep an eye out so I can respond promptly.

What is your ideal suitor like?

I don’t have an “ideal” suitor—I approach every meeting with a new friend with an open mind and an excitement at the relationship we will build together. I tend to jive well with “depth-over-breadth” type folks, and I love men with a touch of nerdiness and bookishness. Please be reliable, respectful, and clean.

Why didn’t you respond to my email? ):<

No worries, my darling suitors, I haven’t forgotten you—my email tends to get fairly swamped! If you don’t hear from me or my assistant within 48 hours, feel free to follow up again!

Do you like young/old/brown/disabled/etc. men?

I see any man regardless of age, ethnic background, or ability. I have found that companionships that transcend physical differences are ones that are most enlightening and stimulating.

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I'm Diana Luna, a Latina GFE escort based in San Francisco. I'm bilingual and fluent in spanish. I'm available for hourly dates, dinner dates, overnights, weekends, local, and international travel. I am kink-friendly as a submissive and open-minded. I'm available in San Francisco, East Bay, SF, Emeryville, Oakland, Berkeley, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.